Wild swimming

How I love to feel as free as a fish. Moving through the water, weightless to the world, unwatched and content.

I’ve just come back from a lovely holiday in Lanzarote, where the sea was ice cold .. but I loved it! Hardly anyone else in the water – I felt alive, wild and free. Moved by the motion of the tide, the twinkling rays of light all around me, the soft breeze on my face. Floating on my back, weightless, calm and happy with the sun on my skin. Oh how I love the water.

I’m keen to try some wild swimming in Yorkshire now. I’m inspired by a lady I follow on instagram to just go for it. But where should I start? I’m also reading Waterlog : A Swimmers journey through Britain. by Roger Deakin. So inspiring!!

Anyone else love the water as much as me? I’d love to hear your stories. Especially if you enjoy a spot of wild swimming.


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