Back to the drawing board

Recently I’ve rediscovered my love for drawing again. It’s never really gone away, it’s been like a simmering pot, bubbling away in the corners of my mind, waiting for the right time to heat up.

The creative part of me has often been put on hold for many other things taking priority. But now I’ve decided the bubbling pot is getting just a bit too hot and I need to let the creative juices flow. I feel so much happier when I get to create.

I recently bought myself some pastel pencils by Faber Castell (Polychromos), bought some Claire Fontaine paper and went for it.

I love instagram and I follow all sorts of brilliant artist’s on there (find me @yorkshiremermaid). Always thinking to myself:  ‘I wonder if I could still draw well’

I’ve often wondered if I’d be able to draw realistic images of animals so I started with my cat. Using a photo on my phone to draw from – I just went for it!

I’ve drawn 7 pencil sketches now that I’m pretty pleased with, and now I’ve started the burn is there again and I just want to draw and draw! Often persuading my young daughters to join me in drawing sessions. We sit together in my lovely bedroom overlooking fields and trees, get all the crayons and papers out and have some super special creative times together. Combining two of my favourite things – looking after my girls and being creative! win win situation.

Here are a few of my recent drawings. I know there is lots of room for improvement. But now I’ve started there’s no stopping me.

Would love any feedback.

temp 7.PNG


temp 8.PNG

temp 9.PNGtemp.PNG

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