Halloween make up …

I have a definite love hate relationship with Halloween.

I love the occasional fancy dress party and seeing friends ‘silly / creative ‘ sides but I hate the trick or treat (begging) that all kids feel they need to do.

I’m also someone that gets a little stressed out by tacky crap and Halloween brings out the nastiest tat and crap in all the shops! Plastic awful pointless rubbish aimed at a quick ‘ha ha’ moment then they are tossed in the bin to join the rest of their pointless wasteful friends in a landfill somewhere. But before I digress and have a rant about recycling and things that get me down, I’ll distract myself and show you my face paint from last night!

I’m trying really hard to stop buying things I don’t need so this year I was determined to do a halloween costume without buying much.  I did buy a wig but this is something I’m sure I’ll wear again or lend to others.

Using Snazaroo face paints (just black and white ones) and my normal make up I made myself in to a slightly creepy looking lady … what do you think?



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