Drawing my daughters

So I’m addicted again already. That took barely three days … I’d forgotten how much I loved to draw, the feeling of complete calm and content as my mind relaxes and my pen just moves freely and easily. I get so absorbed as soon as I begin a drawing. 

Why have I procrastinated so long and not picked this back up sooner? I’ve no idea really. I was a little nervous I’d forgotten all I’d learnt and practised but perhaps it’s just I’m a little rusty. 

I’ve been classed by others and myself as a ‘photographer’ for so long that I guess I just focussed on that, and forgot that I used to be a painter, illustrator and maker too.

 I’ve always had a head full of creative butterflies fluttering around the cluttered corners of my mind waiting for me to finally release a few of them. 

So here I go! 

Still feeling nervous about showing my doodles but hoping by showing them on here it will encourage me to keep on creating now I’ve popped the cherry! (So to speak! 😂)

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